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Panasonic FV0510VSC1 WhisperValue DC Fan, Condensation Sensor - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting
Panasonic FV0510VSC1 WhisperValue DC Fan, Condensation Sensor - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting
Panasonic FV0510VSC1 WhisperValue DC Fan, Condensation Sensor - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Panasonic FV‐0510VSC1 WhisperValue DC Fan, Condensation Sensor

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Fan with ECM motor and Pick‐A‐Flow 50, 80 or 100 CFM, Built‐in Condensation Sensor,
ceiling or wall mount, 3‐3/8" housing depth.



WhisperValue® DC™ Fan with pre-installed condensation sensor helps control bathroom condensation to prevent mold and mildew. It is the lowest profile ENERGY STAR® rated ventilation fan available. Ideal for residential construction (Single & Multi-Family) and Manufactured Homes. It features Panasonic’s revolutionary ECM motor with SmartFlow™ optimum CFM technology, and incorporates a Pick-A-Flow™ airflow selector switch to customize airflow (50-80-100 CFM).

  • Revolutionary ECM motor with SmartFlow™ technology for optimum CFM output
  • Pick-A-Flow™ Airflow Selector – one fan, you choose the CFM (50, 80 or 100 CFM)
  • Built-in condensation sensor to control bathroom moisture
  • Low profile 3-3/8” depth fits virtually anywhere, including 2x4 construction
  • Elegant grille design compliments the aesthetics of any bathroom

    Product Specifications

    Specification Description
    Air Volume Exhaust (CFM) 50 @ 0.1" SP, 52 @ 0.25" SP, 80 @ 0.1" SP, 81 @ 0.25" SP, 100 @ 0.1" SP, 101 @ 0.25" SP
    Master Carton Dimensions (HxWxD) 6.89 x 14.25 x 16.73
    CFM 50-70. 80-110
    Other Approved Codes and Standards ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, California Title 24, Washington VIAQ
    Construction Type Single-Family/Manufactured Housing. Multi-Family. Hospitality/Assisted Living/Student Housing. Renovation/Remodeling.
    Current (Amps) 50 CFM= .08A, 80 CFM= .13A, 100 CFM= .18A
    Ventilation Design Approach Continuous Ventilation. Spot Ventilation
    Duct Diameter 4" Oval
    Energy Efficiency (CFM/Watt) 50 CFM= 12.1 CFM/W, 80 CFM=10.0 CFM/W, 100 CFM = 8.2 CFM/W
    ENERGY STAR® Certified Yes
    Fan Type Fan Only
    Grille Size (in sq.) 13"
    Industry Residential. Light Commercial
    Installation Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount (UL), Tub/Shower (UL)
    Motor Type (AC/DC) ECM
    Mounting Opening (in sq.) 10-1/2"
    Mounting Options Ceiling Mount. Wall Mount (UL). Tub/Shower (UL)
    Noise (Sones) 50 @ 0.1" SP = < 0.3, 52 @ 0.25" SP = 0.5, 80 @ 0.1" SP = less than 0.4, 81 @ 0.25" SP = 0.8, 100 @ 0.1" SP = 0.9, 101 @ 0.25" SP = 1.3
    Power Consumption (Watts) 50 CFM= 4.5W, 80 CFM= 8.5W, 100 CFM=12.4W
    Power Rating (V/Hz) 120/60
    Product Family Name WhisperValue DC
    Radiation Damper Available Yes
    UL Listed for Tub/Shower Enclosure when GFCI Protected Yes
    Warranty 6 year DC Motor, 3 Year Parts
    Master Carton Gross Weight (lbs.) 9.0




    WhisperValue® DC™ (pre-installed condensation sensor) FV-0510VSC1 50-80-100 CFM, Lowest Profile, Ceiling or Wall Mount Fan

    WhisperValue® DC™ FV-0510VSC1 Fan is the perfect multifamily solution; also ideal for single family and manufactured homes. As the lowest-profile ENERGY STAR® certified fan available, it actually fits in a 2x4 stud bay. The low profile, 3-3/8” housing depth and unique L-shaped bracket allow this fan to be installed virtually anywhere - in ceilings or walls.

    ECM Motor - The Best Performing, Most Energy Efficient Motor Available

    The revolutionary ECM motor with intelligent self-adjusting SmartFlow™ technology senses the amount of resistance in the duct run and automatically adjusts the fan speed to deliver the optimal CFM output, even in the case of a complicated duct run. The Panasonic ECM motor with SmartFlow technology moves more air using less energy, so the fan is more energy efficient and lasts longer.

    Smart Flow ECM Technology

    Pick-A-Flow™ Airflow Technology

    Built-in Pick-A-Flow airflow selector provides the unique ability to select your required airflow (50-80-100 CFM) with the simple flip of a switch.

    Condensation Sensor

    Condensation Sensor helps control bathroom condensation to prevent mold and mildew. Sensor technology detects relative humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point, automatically turning the fan on to control humidity. Built-in Relative Humidity (RH) sensitivity adjustment enables fine tuning for moist conditions and for satisfying CALGreen requirements. The fan will run for 20 minutes before turning off.

    3-3/8 in. Housing Depth is the Slimmest Design Available

    The extremely thin profile WhisperValue® DC™ fan opens up options for where you can install the fan, which is UL listed for ceiling or wall mount. Installing a vent fan in a wall means that you won't need to cut a hole in the fire-rated ceiling and then buy a radiation damper to meet fire-resistance requirements in the building code. In a multifamily housing development, this means Big savings.

    Long Life Means Reduced Costs

    When you have a household or business to run, you don't want to have to replace little things like a vent fan. Panasonic fans use less energy to move larger volumes of air than other brands. Consequently, Panasonic fans run cooler so they last longer. They are also much less likely to overheat and result in motor failure. The motor is also equipped with a thermal-cutoff fuse.

    Installation Flexibility with a Simpler Bracket and Optional Duct Adapter

    Unique L-Shaped bracket simplifies installation and provides strong support. The L bracket is interchangeable to be positioned to either the left or right side stud for optimal fan placement. Optional 4 in. Oval to 3 in. Round Duct Adapter (FV-VS43R)* is available to give you flexibility in duct layout and design. Panasonic fans are also UL listed for tub/shower enclosure (just install them on a GFCI-protected circuit). With these great features, your installation options open up. * Refer to the Accessories Tab for more information on the 4 in. Oval to 3 in. Round Duct Adapter (FV-VS43R), sold separately.

    ENERGY STAR® Certified for Energy Savings

    Panasonic ventilation fans are ENERGY STAR certified, where guidelines exist. They've been engineered to comply with the ENERGY STAR® 4.0 requirement for increased efficiency (CFM/Watt), ensuring low cost, energy efficient operation. ENERGY STAR® vent fans meet strict parameters set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They provide better efficiency and comfort with less noise, and feature high performance motors and improved blade design, providing better performance and longer life.Energy Star Certified Most Efficient 2020

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