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Lutron Aurora Smart Dimmer

Lutron Aurora Smart Dimmer

Comfort and convenience you can count on

The Aurora smart bulb dimmer keeps Philips Hue and other Zigbee-certified smart bulbs in the “always ready” mode by locking a toggle light switch in the “on/up” position. That way, no one can ever accidentally turn the switch—and your smart bulb functionality—off.


When you see the Friends of Hue logo it means the product is tested, certified and works seamlessly with Phillips Hue.

  • Switch Up
  • Secure mounting base
  • Snap On

But that’s not all. With the Aurora dimmer, you can turn smart bulbs on, off, or dim them, right from the wall, with an app on your smartphone, or even with your voice. Which means anyone can create the right light.

NEW! Aurora wallplate bracket

  • Wallplate bracket
    Now, for decorator (large) openings, too

Works even when the Wi-Fi doesn’t.

With the Aurora dimmer, you can still dim smart bulbs, even if the Wi-Fi goes down.

One touch is all you need.

No app? No problem. Easily set the perfect light level right from the wall.

Installs in less than two minutes.

All you need is a screwdriver. And you don’t have to wire anything.

Doesn’t compromise your aesthetics.

The Aurora dimmer is a tasteful way to keep a switch on. Unlike a piece of tape.

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