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Wattstopper DSW-100-BDual Tech. Wall Switch Occ. Sensor, 120/277V, Black - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Wattstopper DSW-100 Dual Tech. Wall Switch Occ. Sensor, 120/277V

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Detailed Description: Watt Stopper Dual technology passive infrared and ultrasonic occupancy sensor in light almond color is rated at 120/277 VAC, 50/60 Hz and is designed for loads like 1/6-hp, 0 - 800 Watts ballast/tungsten, 0 - 1200 Watts ballast. Sensor combines the benefits of passive infrared and ultrasonic detection technologies. It provides high sensitivity/dense coverage for extraordinary performance and saves maximum energy by defaulting to manual-ON operation. Sensor has an appealing design with a color-matched vandal resistant lens for precise coverage/durability and a low profile. It has a zero crossing circuitry for long relay life and neutral terminals are exposed with the help of optional neutral connection with break off tab. It allows multi-way control from one of up to four control locations and has a time delay of 5/15/30 minutes. It covers major motion up to 35 ft x 30 ft, minor motion up to 20 ft x 15 ftfor PIR and major motion of 20 ft x 20 ft, minor motion of 15 ft x 15 ft for ultrasonic. Dual technology wall switch sensor is designated by high sensitivity to small/large movements, appealing aesthetics and various other features.

Sensor turns lights OFF/ON based on occupancy and replaces existing wall switches installing in a 1-Gang junction box with or without neutral wiring. It is factory set for manual-ON making it energy saving to switch ON only when needed using advanced PIR technology to detect occupancy. Time delay elapses and lights automatically turn OFF when a place is evacuated. Various control options such as auto ON operation, walk through and test modes can be obtained with the help of DIP switch settings for increased energy savings and convenience. Walk-through mode turns lights OFF, three minutes after the room is initially occupied if no motion is detected after the first 30 seconds. Sensor is suitable for retrofit projects and suits small/enclosed spaces and finds application in small offices/conference rooms and lunch/break rooms.

Sensor features detection of signature processing to eliminate false triggers and provides immunity to RFI/EMI. It measures 2.730 Inch x 1.760 Inch x 1.830 Inch. Quick/easy adjustments are possible with the test mode and the sensor is enclosed in a durable plastic housing. Using multiple sensors, controlling one or more loads from up to four locations is possible. Shut-OFF can be impended with selectable audible/visual alerts and has an LED for indicating detection of occupancy. Sensor is ideal for presentations due to sensor returning automatically to auto-ON after lights are turned OFF manually in automatic mode. It has four occupancy logic options that give users the ability to customize control to meet application requirements. Sensor operates as a service switch in the unlikely event of a failure with the help of its service mode and is compatible with decorator wall plates. Sensor is UL/cUL listed.

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