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Lutron RMJS-5T-347 Vive 347V Dimming Module with 0-10V Control, 5A - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron RMJS-5T-347 Vive 347V Dimming Module with 0-10V Control, 5A

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Vive 347 V Dimming Module with 0-10V Control, 5A.

The Vive 347 V~ Dimming Module with 0–10 V- control is a radio frequency (RF) control that operates 0–10 Vcontrolled fluorescent ballasts or LED drivers based on input from Pico remote controls and Radio Powr Savr sensors. The dimming module with 0–10 V- control is ideal for small areas (e.g., classrooms, conference rooms, private offices). Communication with RF input devices (e.g., Pico remote controls, Radio Powr Savr sensors) is accomplished by using Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology. These products are also compatible with the Vive hub which enables an app-based or simple setup process using a standard web browser on any Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet or computer. It also enables control and monitoring of all Vive devices. The Vive hub can be added at any time. System reprogramming will be required.



• Controls up to 60 mA of 0–10 V- controlled fixtures together

• Model available for use with emergency lighting. See App Note 048628 at

• Switches up to 5 A total of LED drivers or fluorescent ballasts

• Configurations available for non-dimmable (switched) loads. See app note 048753 on

• Works with all ballasts and drivers that provide a current source that is compliant to IEC 60629 Annex E.2, and whose inrush current does not exceed NEMA410 standards for electronic ballast/driver

• 0–10 V- control link (current sink only) • Configurable high- and low-end trim

• Receives wireless inputs from up to 10 Pico remote controls, 10 Radio Powr Savr occupancy / vacancy sensors, and 1 Radio Powr Savr daylight sensor

• Utilizes Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology • Mounts in a standard 101.6 mm x 101.6 mm (4 in x 4 in) junction box. (NOTE: must use metal junction box, minimum depth 53.975 mm (2.125 in))

• For more information on this and related products, refer to


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