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Lutron RadioRA 2 RR-AUX-REP-WH - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron RadioRA 2 RR-AUX-REP-WH

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RadioRA 2 120V auxiliary repeater.

RadioRA 2 Repeaters extend the range of Radio Frequency (RF) signals that are sent between devices. Repeaters ensure error-free communication between system components and prevent interference from neighboring systems. For systems that extend up to 30 ft (9 m), one (1) Main Repeater is required to set up the system. Up to four (4) Auxiliary Repeaters can be added to extend the RF range for larger system applications. Each Repeater has an RF range of 30 ft (9 m), covering a total area of approximately 2500 ft2 (232 m2).

Product Specifications:
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Installation Guide [English/Spanish/French/Portuguese/German/Italian]  

Returning Clear Connect System Devices to Factory Default Settings

RadioRA 2 Product Line Reference Guide

Design Features

• Test button: enters the system diagnostic mode.

• Can be programmed from a PC.

• RS485 port to connect to other Repeaters through a
wired link (daisy-chain).

• Main Repeaters allow configuration and integration to the
system through Ethernet or RS232 ports (see chart to
the right).

• System with 2 Main Repeaters must be connected via Ethernet.



Power: Main / Auxiliary Repeater: 9 V- 300 mA. See Low-Voltage Transformer spec (Lutron® P/N 369561)

Typical Power Consumption: Main Repeater: 3.1 W.
Test conditions: one LED on, Ethernet cable plugged in, powered by the 9 V- adapter
Auxiliary Repeater: 0.6 W
Test conditions: one LED on, powered by the 9 V- adapter

Regulatory Approvals: Main / Aux (-WH only): cULus listed; FCC certified; Industry Canada certified; COFETEL certified; ASEP certified; Bermuda Department of Telecommunications type approval; CRC certified; INDOTEL certified; SUTEL certified. 
Main / Aux (-WHBA only): ANATEL certified. Main / Aux (RRK only): CE marked. Adapter (T120-9DC-3-BL): cULus listed; NOM certified

Environment: Ambient operating temperature: 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C), 0% to 90% humidity, non-condensing. Indoor use only

Low-Voltage Wire Type: Two pairs:
one pair 18 AWG (1.0 mm2),
one pair 22 AWG to 18 AWG (0.5 mm2 to 1.0 mm2) twisted shielded – IEC PELV/NEC® Class 2 cable

Communications: Repeaters communicate with the system through RF. All devices must be located within 30 ft (9 m) of a Repeater. All Repeaters must be within 60 ft (18 m) of another Repeater. System devices operate on frequencies between 431.0 MHz to 437.0 MHz or 868.125 MHz to 869.850 MHz

ESD Protection: Tested to withstand electrostatic discharge without damage or memory loss, in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2.

Surge Protection: Tested to withstand surge voltages without damage or loss of operation, in accordance with IEEE C62.41-1991 Recommended Practice on Surge Voltages in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits

Power Failure :Power failure memory: should power be interrupted, the Repeater will return to its previous state when power is restored

Mounting: Mount on a wall, ceiling, or level surface using the two #6 (M3) screws provided

Connections: Main Repeater: Ethernet, RS232 and RS485



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