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Lutron RadioRA 2 LR-HVAC-PKG-C-WH Temperature Controls - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron RadioRA 2 LR-HVAC-PKG-C-WH Temperature Controls

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 Lutron thermostat system package includes:

-1 HVAC Controller

-1 seeTempT Wall Display (°C) (WH)

-1 Wireless Temperature Sensor (SW)

-1 Wired Return Air Duct Sensor

Add Lutron Comfort Controls to your light and shade/drapery systems for convenient control of all aspects of an environment—natural light, artificial light, and temperature—from the touch of a button. Lutron Comfort Controls allow heating and cooling systems to integrate seamlessly with Lutron systems and must be located within 30 ft (9 m) of an RF signal repeater. The HVAC Controller connects to and controls HVAC equipment using standard 24 V~ thermostat wiring.

It can be mounted out of sight, near the equipment being controlled. Communication with a Lutron total home control system is accomplished using Lutron Clear ConnectTM RF technology. The HVAC Controller can utilize either Lutron Wireless Temperature Sensors or Wired Flush Mount Sensors to read the temperature in the area being controlled. The Wireless Temperature Sensor is battery powered, making it easy to install in existing spaces.

A 5-year battery life and Lutron Clear Connect RF communication ensure reliable operation. Lutron Comfort Controls can only be used in RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems programmed using the PC Programming Tool.

Design Features

HVAC Controller
• Connects to HVAC equipment.

• Uses RF to communicate with the Wireless Temperature Sensors, seeTemp Wall
Displays, and other Lutron wireless devices.

• Requires 24 V~ wiring from HVAC equipment transformer.

• Requires 1 Wired Sensor per HVAC Controller, wired in the system as a backup sensor in case the Wireless Temperature Sensor is not communicating.

• Dimensions: Height: 5.06" x  Width: 7.00"

Wireless Temperature Sensor

• Flexible mounting options require no wiring.

• 5 year battery life.

• Multiple sensor averaging possible.

• Use up to 4 Wireless Temperature Sensors per HVAC Controller.

• Use up to 5 Wireless Temperature Sensors per Main Repeater (RadioRAR 2) or per RF link (HomeWorksR QS).

• A Wireless Temperature Sensor assigned to a Main Repeater (RadioRAR 2) or RF link
(HomeWorksR QS) and attached to an HVAC Controller that is assigned to a second Main Repeater/RF link will count towards the 5 Wireless Temperature Sensor limit on both Main Repeaters /RF links.

• Accurate to +/- 1 °F.

Wired Return Air Duct Sensor

• Mount in the return air duct. If there is no return air duct available, use the Wired Flush Mount Sensor or contact Lutron Technical Assistance.

Wired Flush Mount Sensor
• Surface mount on wall in the area to be controlled.

• Field paintable to match decor.

System Features

• 7-day programmable schedule.

• Select alternate set points to save energy when on vacation or away from home.

• System features are programmed in the PC tool. Control from Dynamic Keypads in
HomeWorks QS systems

• Control temperature from Dynamic Keypads.

• The Dynamic Keypad provides full control of multiple HVAC Controllers from a single location without the need for seeTemp Wall Displays.

• Multiple Dynamic Keypads can be used to control one HVAC Controller from multiple locations.

Control from Mobile Devices

• Control temperature from Lutron Home Control+ mobile device application.

• Set and edit up to seven different daily schedules from your mobile device.


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