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Lutron PD-REP-WH Caséta Wireless Repeater - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron PD-REP-WH Caseta Wireless Repeater

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The Caseta Wireless repeater allows for the wireless range expansion of your Caséta lighting control system for whole house coverage. Caséta Wireless repeaters extend the range of Radio Frequency (RF) signals that are sent between devices. One wireless repeater can be added to extend the RF range for larger system applications. Each wireless repeater can communicate with Caséta devices within 30 ft (9 m), covering an area of approximately 2500 ft2 (232 m2 ), and can be placed up to 60 ft (18 m) from the Lutron bridge.



• Extend your Caséta system range up to 60 feet

• Perfect for homes that need a little bit of extra range due to things like unique layouts, Caséta bridges in non-central locations, and unusually dense walls (think stone or concrete)

• Place within 60 feet of the Caséta bridge

• No separate ethernet connection needed; just plug the included power adapter into any outlet

• Can be used in conjunction with the Caséta Plug-in Dimmer (the first of which also acts as a range extender)


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