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Lutron LRF2-DCRB-WH Radio Powr Savr Battery-Powered Wireless Daylight Sensor - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron LRF2-DCRB-WH Radio Powr Savr Battery-Powered Wireless Daylight Sensor

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Radio Powr Savr battery-powered wireless daylight sensor (431.0-437.0 MHz) will automatically control wireless dimming or switching devices to balance the light level in a space.

Lutron’s wireless daylight sensor is a battery powered sensor that automatically controls lights via RF communication to compatible dimming or switching devices. This sensor mounts to the ceiling and measures light in the space. The sensor then wirelessly transmits the light level to the associated dimming or switching devices that automatically control the lights to balance light level in the space. The sensor combines both convenience and exceptional energy savings along with ease of installation.

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• Lutron’s reliable proportional daylight open loop control

• Light range (0–10,000 fc)

• Photopic response matches human eye

• Designed to give a linear response to changes in viewed light level

• Wireless daylight sensor has simple calibration

• One sensor is capable of switching, stepped dimming, and continuous dimming of multiple zones

• Intuitive test mode provides instant system verification

• 10-year battery life

• Multiple ceiling mount methods available for different ceiling materials

• Works seamlessly with Radio Powr SavrTM Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors and PicoTM wireless controls

• Front accessible test buttons make setup easy

• Each sensor can be added to up to 10 compatible RF dimming and switching devices for spaces with multiple zones of lighting

• RoHS compliant

• Capable of override for a maximum of 2 hours


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