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Lutron LQRJ-WPM-6P Wireless Wallbox Power Module - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron LQRJ-WPM-6P Wireless Wallbox Power Module

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120V/220-240V, 6-zone Wallbox Power Module.

The Wallbox Power Module controls up to six zones of light and will operate the following sources with a continuous Square Law dimming curve or on a full conduction non-dim basis:

• Incandescent

• LED1, 2

• Tungsten Halogen

• Electronic Low-Voltage (ELV)3

• Magnetic Low-Voltage (MLV) Transformer

• Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium Switched

• Neon/Cold Cathode

• Lutron Tu-Wire Electronic Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts

• Approved LED and CFL lamps / fixtures

• Up to 64 DALI® compliant fluorescent ballasts or LED drivers (see DALI® compatibility requirement on last page of this document) can be addressed and
grouped into zones (LQRK-WPM-6D and LQR-WPM-6D only). The Power Module can be configured for wired QS link (HomeWorks only), or wireless RF link (HomeWorks
and RadioRA 2), communication.


Design Features

• Contains RTISS Equipped technology to compensate in real time for incoming line
voltage variations: No visible flicker with +/–2% change in RMS voltage/cycle and +/–2% Hz change in frequency / second.

• Wallplate snaps on with no visible means of attachment.

• One button for activating default scene.

• Can be configured for wired, QS link (HomeWorks only), or wireless, RF link
(HomeWorks and RadioRA 2), communication.



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