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Lutron L-CMDPIRKIT Occupancy Sensor Ceiling-Mount Accessory Kit - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron L-CMDPIRKIT Occupancy Sensor Ceiling-Mount Accessory Kit

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Occupancy sensor ceiling-mount accessory kit, includes removable adhesive strips and PIR lens masks.


Ten (10) Removable Adhesive Strips

Ten (10) PIR Lens Masks



Temporary Mounting: Solid Ceiling

Use this procedure if the Sensor will be mounted on a solid, continuous ceiling surface such as drywall, plaster, concrete, or wood.

Ten (10) 3M™ Command™ adhesive strips are provided for temporarily mounting and testing the Sensor on smooth, solid ceiling surfaces. These strips are designed for easy, damage-free removal and are not reusable. These strips should not be used for permanently mounting the Sensor. Carefully follow the removal instructions below to ensure the ceiling is not damaged during removal.

NOTE: DO NOT use these adhesive strips on ceiling tiles, as they will likely cause damage to the tile upon removal.


Lens Masking

Whenever possible, the Sensor should be installed in a location where it cannot easily see into areas outside the intended space, such as hallways or adjacent rooms. If this situation cannot be avoided, portions of the lens may be masked with the provided labels to block the Sensor’s view of the undesired areas.

Note: Apply mask to outside of lens only; do not disassemble sensor.

· It is recommended to remove the Sensor from the mounting bracket before applying the masking labels.

NOTE: The Sensor can be screwed onto the mounting bracket in several different orientations. Be sure to note the Sensor’s orientation before taking it down and replace the Sensor in the same orientation to ensure the intended area gets blocked.

· Outer lens sections correspond to the detection regions furthest away from the Sensor, while inner sections correspond to regions closer to the Sensor.

· Be careful when applying the labels to avoid creating gaps between adjacent masked sections. The Sensor may detect motion through inadvertent gaps.


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