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Lutron FC-SENSOR PowPak Fixture Sensor (Occupancy) - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron FC-SENSOR PowPak Fixture Sensor (Occupancy)

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PowPak Fixture Sensor (Occupancy) - Optional sensor that mounts to the ceiling or to a fixture and measures light in the space while detecting people moving within an area to determine passive infrared occupancy.

The PowPak wireless fixture control is a radio-frequency (RF) device that controls either the Lutron EcoSystem or 0–10 Velectronic fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers (depending on model). This is based on RF input from Pico remote controls, Radio Powr Savr wireless sensors, or wired inputs from the PowPak fixture sensor. The control module mounts to the exterior of a fixture or a U.S.-style junction box. Communication with RF input devices is accomplished using Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology.


The PowPak fixture sensor (optional) mounts to the ceiling or to a fixture and measures light in the space (daylighting) while detecting people moving within an area to determine passive infrared occupancy. The sensor controls the lights to balance light level in the space, combining convenience, exceptional energy savings, and ease of installation. The sensor contains two wires which connect to the PowPak wireless fixture control. These products are also compatible with the Vive hub which enables a simple setup process using a standard web browser on any Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet or computer. It also enables control and monitoring of all Vive devices. The Vive hub can be added at any time. System reprogramming will be required. For a complete list of features supported with the Vive hub, see specification submittal 369902 at Note for Replacement: FCJS - the “S” model can replace the non-”S” model.

Applications and Selecting the Right Control

Suggested applications:

PowPak Fixture Sensor:

– Great for individual control in cubicles

– Maximize energy savings (fixtures in unoccupied spaces do not turn on)

– Simplifies the determination of what’s needed for a job

Radio Powr Savr Sensors:

– Cover large areas with a single sensor

– Sensor can mount anywhere in the space

– Fixtures assigned to Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors turn on and off together

– In order to have a row of fixtures dim up or down together in response to daylight, a Radio Powr Savr daylight sensor must be used

Daylighting: Radio Powr Savr vs. PowPak Fixture Sensor

PowPak wireless fixture controls have two options for daylighting. The PowPak fixture sensor can be used for simple, out-of-the-box daylighting. The Radio Powr Savr wireless daylight sensor can be added for the ability to adjust and fine tune daylighting settings.

• Radio Powr Savr daylight sensors provide the ultimate flexibility in daylighting: target light level (tuning) and gain value (through calibration) can be adjusted independently. Daylighting rows/zones can be setup so that multiple fixtures dim in unison (also known as “grouping”). Radio Powr Savr daylight sensors can be placed anywhere since they are completely wireless, and performance can be optimized through placement and fine tuning.

• PowPak fixture sensors are an easy way to add simple daylighting to a localized area without requiring setup. PowPak fixture sensors are quick to install with a twowire connection, and calibrate automatically. Each PowPak fixture sensor should be mounted within 2 ft (0.6 m) of the fixture it is controlling.


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