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LUTRON RRST-W3BRL-XX  Radio RA3 Sunnatta Keypad 120-277V~, 3-Button Raise/ Lower Keypad - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

LUTRON RRST-W3RL Radio RA3 Sunnatta Keypad 120-277V~, 3-Button Raise/ Lower Keypad

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RadioRA 3 Sunnata keypads provide homeowners with a simple and elegant way to operate lights, shades /draperies, motorized screens, and many other devices. Sunnata keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons. LED bars on each button aid in locating the buttons in low light conditions. Keypads are available in a variety of finishes allowing the color to complement the aesthetics in a space. Keypad markings are important for programming and use of the keypads when installed. The marking color has been chosen for increased readability. Default markings are provided as a standard while custom-personalization button kits can be designed to describe its programming and redeemed using the Lutron Designer software. Personalized replacement button kits can be changed in the field, after installation. This allows for the keypad to be changed to a variety of finishes, colors, button configurations and personalized markings. Use with Lutron Designer (Claro) wallplates. Wallplates are sold separately. Lutron Claro wallplates snap on with no visible means of attachment.


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