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Lutron DVRF-AS Claro Accessory Switch - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Lutron DVRF-AS Claro Accessory Switch

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The Caseta Claro Accessory Switch from Lutron is designed to work with the Diva Smart Dimmer and other Claro Smart devices. It has a matching paddle and feel to Diva and Claro, and allows lights to fade on or off. It can be set to turn on a preset favourite or can be double-tapped for full brightness. 

Lutron Caseta DVRF-AS-WH Claro Accessory Switch features:

  • Works with Diva Smart Dimmer and Claro Smart Switch
  • Has a matching paddle and feel to Diva and Claro
  • Can fade on/off
  • Automatically turns on to preset favourite on tap
  • Double tap for full brightness
  • Traditional wiring without jumper


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