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Enerlites MPP-24 Power Pack Single Relay Room Controller - Ready Wholesale Electric Supply and Lighting

Enerlites MPP-24 Power Pack Single Relay Room Controller

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The ENERLITES MPP-24 power pack is the foundation for any low voltage lighting control system. It supplies low voltage power to occupancy sensors and other control devices, switching line voltage in response to signals from control devices. The power pack is attached to existing junction boxes or mounted into fixture wiring trays. Low voltage wiring should use at least 22-gauge wire. High voltage connections should use at least 14-gauge. After initial wiring is completed, check the wiring diagrams to verify the power pack is wired correctly. Improper wiring can cause damage to the power pack, lighting system, occupancy sensor and other control devices. This power pack can supply power for up to 6 ceiling mounted sensors.


  • Self-contained power supply relay system
  • LED indicator of relay operation for easy verification
  • Integrates with low-voltage momentary switch to control any 24VDC occupancy sensor
  • Able to link up to six sensors at a time
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